E C O - G L I T T E R

The idea of a world without sparkle is just unthinkable, so now that Biodegradable Eco-Glitter has been developed we are making the switch...

Because we design, print and hand glitter all our cards and notebooks in our studio in the New Forest, we never carry huge stocks, so we are making the transition quite quickly. We usually have between 2 & 8 weeks stock of any one card, and as stock runs out we are making the switch to Biodegradable Eco-Glitter.

The glitter industry is working hard and fast to make biodegradable glitter from plant based cellulose, and they hope to have a craft grade ready soon. But in the meantime we'll be using [biodegradable] cosmetic grade - it's just as sparkly as the regular glitter we've been using - only 5 times more expensive! [although we will absorb the cost, as hopefully it won't be for too long]. We already have our glitter buckets full of the enviromentally friendly stuff, and we should have made the switch on all our cards, notebooks and prints by the end of summer.... most probably sooner.

We'll keep you posted on our progress. When it comes to the cellophane bags that our cards are packed in, it gets a little more complicated. We already use recyclable cellophanes for our cards and notebooks and although manufacturers have developed a corn-starch based product that will compost at 57c, it still is not biodegradable in landfill or a marine environment ... I am sure the boffins are working hard on creating new materials that will biodegrade, but until then, we'll probably stick with our current recyclable cellophanes.

Heather x